Monday, August 16, 2010


If one more person had to say to me: WHAT? You haven't been to Truth yet? So I went along this morning and had a flat white - self-service only and this includes all-pervading inertia.
While I drank my lukewarm coffee, I cast a glance at my stars of the day and they hinted at discord, lost friendship, jealousy... just more of your run-of-the-mill bad blood stuff. Not having much time, I mentioned the tepidity as I left, only to be met with more shoulder-shrugging torpidity. All of this entertainment at twenty bucks only. Oh well. The names of the coffee blends are appealing: Resurrection, Vengeance, Antithesis and Donde's Chaos, but my caffeine-addled heart remains true to Giovanni's.
On a much lighter note: when last did you see a vegetable so fresh, it's leafy crown all perky, the whole thing dewy and delicious? My friends harvested radishes in the garden this morning.
(This photo courtesy of The Architect)
It's making me excited about the garden I'll have when I move next month. Dreaming of carrots and pea tendrils... 


ckzero said...

tepidity met by torpidity

tut tut

tata truth

Anonymous said...

if turnips don't have to shit, shave and shower . . I think I'll be turnip . . . not a pebble. Maybe, call myself Lilly Turnip??

Lily Turner said...

Dear Not-So-Anonymous :-)
I would imagine Drs. Ismail & Maama Nambi would have no problem to turn you into a turnip. (probably easier than a pebble) But turnips have beardy bits too...