Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Torch Bearer.

 The first thing I saw when I ran in from the rain was a slightly murky fish tank with one large, stationary fish. Then, under a skylight in the kitchen, a family-size aviary, with some cockatiels and budgies. Drifting feathers, trailing plants... I'd heard a rumour about a guinea pig, but today he was absent from his post.
This is The Torch Bearer, they've been in business for seven years, but it's kind of hush-hush. The clientele was mostly men in their sixties, talking about their ex-wives and taking calls from their bookies. But they left me alone and there was plenty to look at. I would have taken a photo, had it not been for one of the ladies of the house watching me with a gimlet eye as I sipped my wine and scribbled in my book.
You can have a substantial meal for R30. Chicken/chops/steak/prawns/no vegetarian and there's a fully stocked bar. This is not fine dining, but I'll definitely go again. It's the kind of place where they'll remember your name, in fact there was a little chorus as I left of bye bye Lily! Warms the heart.

  9 Essex Street, Woodstock. 021 447 2639


Anonymous said...

What neat reviews you do, Lilly. Are you EVER at home?

Lily Turner said...

why thank you! believe it or not, I am a home-body at heart. btw a friend tells me that the torch bearer is great on a sunday for roast and a roaring fire.

Anonymous said...

Gil Dumoyencourt took me to this place four years ago; I loved it and have been trying to get people to go there with me ever since...they always thought it was too dodgy. Thank you for confirming that it is indeed a fine place to go for lunch.