Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Trendy/Not So/Lebanese

 Two picky Virgoans and a Sagittarian went for a leisurely ramble on the pier yesterday afternoon. We're thinking: where shall we have a party? Drank a caiperinha at The Grand Café & Beach. 
(Haul Rd off Beach Rd, Granger Bay, 021 425 0551)

 Then went slumming on the other side of the fence at the Oceana Power Boat Club. They've been under threat of eviction by the V&A Waterfront since 2002! They have the only slipway for private boats in the precinct of Cape Town. Cocktails, maybe not, but a brandy and coke costs a laughable fraction of the prices next door. Atmosphere charming in that old-school clubby way.

 As we were about to leave, this Ford Zephyr Zodiac II pulled up. 1963. Mint.

 It had seats of the most brilliant red I've ever seen. The owner was suitably proud.
We uhmmed and ahhed about cooking and then, on a whim, went for an early supper at The Cedar. Still the same after all these years: family run, fantastic service, splendid food. We had Foul m'Dammas, Hoummous with fried lamb and cinnamon, freshly baked pitas and the best fried cauliflower in the world. Once I've figured out the secret sauce, I'll share the recipe. I could taste sumac, browned garlic...  
76a Main Rd, Sea Point. (across from Laughtons) 
021 433 2546


Marie said...

At the Grand, did your drinks arrive within the hour? We nearly died waiting.

Lily Turner said...

:-) guess we were lucky - under ten minutes!

tanja said...

ahhh, the cedar. glad it's still going strong. we're only making plans for nigel, we only want what's best for hiiiim...x

Lily Turner said...

I fear our Nigel has moved on to greyer pastures - he now works in retail in the waterfront. But sister Beverley fills his shoes very nicely. In fact, she's given me an ace idea for a book.