Sunday, August 1, 2010

Saturday Night.

The gang met up at hospital supper time yesterday, ie. 5pm... we'd all prepared different fillings and then we wrapped them in tortillas at the table. This was the smart plan of the Architect's Wife, who also saw to it that we made it down the road in time for the last performance of the Mechanicals' "Cosi" at the Little Theatre, Hiddingh Campus. 
"Cosi" is an ambitious two and a half hours long and did not disappoint. It is set in an Australian Insane Asylum, where the inmates decide - with the help of a green drama school graduate, to perform their own version of Mozart's Così fan Tutte.  The final act - the actual performance of the opera - was particularly hilarious, as well as very touching.
The Mechanicals are a repertory company who perform different plays in rotation, taking care of everything from front of house to ticketing and bar tending. They were all brilliant, but Guy de Lancy's performance as the pithy, manic-depressive inmate 'Roy', was outstanding.
We were all trying to place him - I knew I'd seen him in a couple of commercials. Turns out he's a set designer, photographer and ex-commercials director. He is quoted as saying, about the film industry: "It is a world I would much rather not inhabit."

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