Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bijou Bisous.❤

My friend The Blacksmith bought the old Bijou theatre in Observatory many years ago to house his forge. Since then, he's also let out parts of the building as artists' studios. I've been to some great events here - the blowing of the anvil, a secret performance by the Violent Femmes, The Odd Engineers - glowing balls of metal whizzing through the dark (!) and of course, the annual open studios combined with live music.

Much to look at on our wanderings, faces old and new, interesting conversation. This is my winning photo of the day: The Spaniard shaved his beard as a birthday surprise for the Young Scorpio. I can't look at it without smiling.

The Blacksmith had these highly desirable knives on display. The Forge was at it's moody best.

 The Lovely Girlfriend and I rushed home to feed the hungry and exhausted Production Designer. We stopped off for sushi at Saigon (always the same, always good) and washed it down with a very old bottle of wine. This doesn't happen every day.

I like his t-shirt. It means: "To the kitchen with you!"

The two of them have been cosseting a monstrously large artichoke plant for many months now. It has finally delivered (one) fruit. Ultimate fate uncertain . . .


Marijke said...

great pics! Events at the Bijoux have an element of magical realism. A place where odd becomes ordinary.

Lily Turner said...

thanks Marijke! and so true.

arcadia said...

Dit lyk fantasties. Maak my so jaloers op al jul Kapenare!