Monday, November 8, 2010

{Field Office} and purple trees.

As long as I live, I will never get used to the sight of a Jacaranda tree in full bloom. South Africans call Pretoria Jakarandastad, but there are many of these South American trees in Cape Town as well.

When the wind blows, I find flowers in my pool, from the tree across the road.
Early Summer means constant splashes of colour. I passed this pathway today, with super-lumo succulents.

I'm working on a mini-project for my friend Elsibe. More about that anon. Stopped along the way for a coffee at {Field Office}.

I fb like {Field Office}! Didn't have time to eat, but the coffee was really good and I'll be going back for that carrot cake. Beautiful chairs by Haldane Martin.

Amen to that.


Marie said...

Cape Town has excellent coffee. It blows New York out of the water.

Kris said...

ermmmmm...let's not get into a coffee discussion. But amen amen to the jacarandas, dayglo flora, and the wish for a communal holiday.