Sunday, November 21, 2010

Taking the word for a walk.

My friend Ming hosted a creative writing workshop yesterday at the Castle of Good Hope. Built between 1666 and 1679, surprisingly still there. I look at photos of old Cape Town and become so despondent at what we've lost. Don't get me started on the pine tree plantings at the Parade.
I love this castle. I've seen the ins and outs of it whilst shooting there, it's hosted some fantastic exhibitions and events, drinks up on the battlements... 
The workshop was held in one of the resident artists' studios on the far side. What a satisfying way to spend a saturday morning.

Renier sang for us on our tea break. We ate chocolate cake. I walked over to visit my favourite spot - the Dolphin Pool.
We wrote a poem using a different formula. 

sometimes the hopes are way too big for the pin
an image the face is cut in two
that reflection in the mirror it moves me
solidity veiled by transparency
the most quiet place I know is under the water
this is what I'm trying to say
a deep droning
I hear
like swimming in temperate seas
bursting with life
best when they're on their way out
inside I dream of green arrows and summer
sometimes the hopes are too big for the pin
I hear them saying
outside it waits. it waits

And cut out the tenth word to make something new.

For information regarding future workshops, contact Elsibe via her website.


Marie said...

Have you read Dan Sleigh's Eilande?

Like your poem.

Lily Turner said...

Marie, no - haven't read Eilande yet, but I've heard really good things about it.
and thank you!

tanja said...

/like swimming in temperate seas/bursting with life/

I like that particularly. you keep poetising, y'hear?

Lily Turner said...

ah thanks miss T!
funny - some years ago, the poems came so easily and then there was a big drought. this fun formula of Elsibe's made it easy again.