Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Moonlighting Insomniac.

May. I keep a journal on the nightstand to record my dreams before they disappear. Sometimes all I am left with is a few words in my head - I write them down in the form of a list in the back of the book. One morning at four, I wake up and write down the following: black happiness. Under that I write: transformation item.
    Sitting up in bed, I ponder these words. I know exactly what black happiness is. It's the black band in the rainbow, the one that isn't mentioned in polite conversation, but it's right there between indigo and violet. 
I'm not sure what a transformation item is, but I like the sound of it.
Lately I've been sleeping at night. By this I mean sometimes up to five hours without interruption. A vast improvement from a winter of two or three wakeful hours per night. 
I must be doing something right.


tanja said...

aha. you're the one who stole my sleep then. else it's the olifant upstairs who shuffles around at odd hours. transformation item. hmm. might have to google that. glad you're sleeping tight!

Lily Turner said...

but it remains an elusive, unpredictable thing... as I'm sure you know. especially when the alarm clocks wakes one for work and it says something to do with a 3. blech

arcadia said...

Dis off-topic, maar ek hou baie van die spieel (imagine die deeltekens, asb) bo jou bed.

Lily Turner said...

thanks - ja, ek ook. dis van die 20's, Belgian. ek het twee, maar hierdie ene is heeltemal swart van die ouderdom , so jy sien net so 'n skim van jouself.